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An Opened Community?

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[align=center][size=large]Will We Ever Be An Opened Community?[/size][/align]

[size=medium]Hi everybody, 
Welcome to another suggestion which, in my opinion, it would be nice and well seen by everyone.
I'm talking about to give the possibility to the players to vote the polls on the forum, so even the players who love playing in all the servers might tell us their own opinion by clicking one answer in the poll options.
It is simple, fast and very effective, a democratic way to make understand to the admins what do the players want and it would make the admins understand if what they are going update on the servers will be appreciate by the players as well ![/size][align=center] [/align] [align=center]poll-plugins-thumbnail.jpg[/align][size=medium]Now, there might be many questions about it.
- How to let the players know when there's a poll on the forum?
The answer and the solution about it is very easy because the admins might add some writes on the server which tell to sign up in the forum firstable and write that there's a poll and the players with one click can choose their own opinion in the poll options.
- What would that bring to the community?
Simple, it would bring to have a more active forum because there would be more people who visit it and post on itself, this would make the community more known and it would allow the players to take a choice. 
The admins would have an important input for taking important future choices; it would be more easy for them to find a way for improving everything.
- Is it necessary writing in the server when there's a new poll?
Absolutely yes, many other communities do it already ! for example =JFF=, when a new map starts in another JFF server, it comes written, we may do it as well but for more important reasons.

If this came true, it would be a great step forward for the community, you guys can do it, it's your turn for saying your own thought !
Thanks for the attention,

Back.[/size][align=center] [/align] [align=center] [/align]

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we always did some polls on the forums. it's nothing revolutionary. i don't know how much you think polls should be used, but collective opinions are good sometimes for decisions, but we surely won't decide everything in a poll. we also do polls inside a closed member area from time to time.
having polls announced in game would be cool of course. the problem is that we are currently a bit unflexible on that matter for technical reasons, and changing advertisement messages requires my personal action and a server restart. that's quite tedious.

we also have a stub for a popup dialog that would show after connecting to the server, to show news and other info of that kind. if somebody wants to continue working on it contact me.

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