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Maintenance Time with Koaja and Mimi Episode 2 of the year

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Hi all!

I heard you guys liked maintenance, so we maintained our alcohol levels and did some things. 

2 maintenances in a month, aren't me and Mimi good to you guys!

Heres what happened:

  • Mimi decided to upgrade the server to the latest, whilst we are still on the old OS, everything is updated. Fancy.
  • The upgrade broke somethings (hurray) but it wasn't as bad as we anticipated.
    • Things broken include: 
      • Map Voting (Not broken, but it crashes every now and again)
        • Map Voting now restarts every 6 hours to mitigate this
      • Tesseract was a little bit broken but seems to be fine now 
      • Upgraded mysql package, now we have more query options we aren't going to use
  • We now have automatic restarts on Tesseract and the map voting script
    • Tesseract will restart at 3am every day - now you can catch hackers 24/7 so get to it.
    • Map Voting as previously mentioned was broken - NO LONGER (its still broken but we restart it every 6 hours so thats good enough
  • Hagz has relingquished his controls over the server, meaning he is now the old git who used to own it - Many thanks for paying for it for so long, I hope I can continue to pay it as needed (dont worry, he can still access everything he wants to access. Its very much his server still)
  • Bog on TDM is now a low player map and removed. That will stop you bitching about being spawn killed 
  • Fixed a bug in phpmyadmin, where an annoying popup appeared despite it meaning literally fuck all. 


I think thats everything. I will be experimenting with maps in TDM to give it some new life over the next few weeks so lets see what happens.


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