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PROMOTION TIME WITH KOALA S01E02 (This is a late announcement forgive me padre for I have sinned)

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Hey all! 

I think this was a long time coming (this post actually should have been made at the time but I have been busy D:)


Anyway, without further ado!


TNTPower has joined the clan in the past few months, me, Mimi and Hagz know TNT from the ES9 servers back in the day, and in his time he has proved to be a valuable part of the D43 Members, therefore he has been promoted to Moderator :D


Cuenc has been around D43 for a while and has been extremely valuable in terms of catching people misbehaving and hacking on our game servers, this was a long overdue promotion :P Cuenc has been made an Admin so now he can ban and clean his screenshots without having to ask :P


I think this is all 


Congrats guys 

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