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  1. Hello everyone.I am Cuenc,and some of you may know me from SnD server So lets start the application. My gaming name is Cuenc,while my real name is Kelvin ( yea,strange name xDD, my mom chose this name) I was born in 11 September 2000 so im typically 18 now. I live in Greece,in crete island, in Sitia ( from the southest cities of Europe) I was welcomed by Koaja to join the Clan. I play 4-5 hours approximately per day,on evening until midnight so i have plenty of time available. I could make english,the only spoken language on the server(s) ,assuring people will do the objective in SnD. I can also join TDM when SnD empties to help for the things i mentioned above. I'm not good at spotting cheaters like ufo and stroe do,but i can suspect people when they are cheating. Moreover i can assure rules are followed by players,as i play more than regular admims (ufo and stroe) I have never been in other clans,as im kinda new to this game ( my debut was made in 1st Nov in 2015) As i mentioned above i am 18 years old and can consider myself active on Discord. My English skills are excellent,and i think i have been around a lot time before my application now. ( 601hours on SnD and 37 on TDM ,and also active on Discord). So i hope i covered all your doubts Looking forward to your answers!! Have a good day all!
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