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  • Rules to follow on our Call of Duty 4 servers


    #1 Be friendly 

    Do not insult other players or admins. You will get warned for violations.

    No repeated insulting or flaming. No spamming the ingame chat. No Advertising.

    Our warning system works as follows:

    After the second warn a player gets kicked automatically. At the fourth warning a 15 minute tempban is issued. Additional warnings ban for 60 minutes, 1 day, 3 days and after 8 warnings the player gets banned permanently


    #2 English only

    The main server language is english. If you are asked to -> stick to it.


    #3 Using any kind of hacks results in a permanent ban

    This includes but is not limited to

    Wallhacks / ChamsAim Assist / Aim Bots

    ESP / Fullbright

    Permanent or external UAV / No recoil

    Nametags / Laser


    #4 Elevating or glitching out of map / under the floor is not allowed

    Do not move out of map. Do not move underground. No Elevating! Bouncing is allowed.


    #5 The following Perks are automatically disabled on our servers

    Juggernauth, Martyrdom, Last Stand, Grenade Launcher, 3x Frags





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