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  1. Jiho

    hello D43

    thank u all. naravno maximus
  2. Jiho

    hello D43

    hi all i m a new player on this server, usually playing sNd and i finnaly finde a normal snd server to play, except rpg i start to play here about 2 weeks ago, i m admin at last 5 years on C4S cod4-server.com. i was a break time with cod last year.now i start play again. we lost snd on cod4 servers no one play we have a hack before 2-3 years and everything was fckd up . i will be play here i mean i play only here last 2 weeks. i have expirience with admin staff. my in game name is Jiho.. my real name is Nihad and i m from Croatia.. 28 years old . thanks for ur time
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