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  1. Can you provide your ban ID for we check?
  2. U.F.O.

    Ban niX, again

    Realy is his fault if it is pirate or not. All this time he didn't know that he have smoke Off...Oh come on , is shity excuse.
  3. U.F.O.

    Ban niX, again

    too late for this ......
  4. U.F.O.

    Ban niX, again

    Ok you got me at the first .
  5. U.F.O.

    Wo1f Application

    Yea and welcome wolf
  6. Noooo That noob !!! Yes for me
  7. How the hell you dare to come here with the same excuses again for second time (and 3 bans) that you didnt know it. Shame for you, ofcourse Not.
  8. U.F.O.

    hello D43

    Welcome jiho and enjoy your stay
  9. U.F.O.

    It'sa me!

    welcome Archerz, as you already know some people here are ex ES9 some others from others clans. So enjoy your stay here.
  10. U.F.O.

    Tntpower Application

    Good luck with your application TNT, for me is yes from now.I know TNT from my previous clan he is good player and i would like to see him with D43 tag.
  11. Happy new year Lame and good luck with your application
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