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  1. I vote yes. I have been playing with him quite often on tdm and he seems to be a good guy. Also we need some moderators on the TDM server. You should enable discord in the autostart programs. :-)
  2. Can you put it on the top of the server list in the "Servers"-area so that ppl can easily connect to it?
  3. Nagato

    HC SND 2 ?

    Why don't we rise the size of the current HC SnD first to 32? If we really reach the maximum of 32 we can still think about a new server. But I agree with jesper, a second server with different specs (e. g. modded maps) was very nice.
  4. Countdown was nice, too, I agree.
  5. Custom maps, creek, pipeline, bloc (not my fav map but many tdm players like it), killhouse :)
  6. I like the idea of adding new maps to the servers and I will support it.
  7. Nice to meet you :)
  8. To be honest, I had an operation in my left ear a few days ago and the past few weeks I couldn't hear very well. I haven't been playing a lot the past five weeks because I did not have a feeling of a surround sound. Its like you hear 80% with your right ear and 20% with your left ear. I think I need some time got get back to my old strength in playing. I didn't hold back on him on purpose. Just give me some time, I think it will take about one or two weeks until I'm completely back again. I don't really care about most of the insults on the servers, COD is the manifestation of insulting. But beheading is not funny, so please take your break.
  9. Nagato

    CoD4 Owned Screen Shots

    I can't upload anything here. Seems like the maximum is lower than 2MB which is really low.
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