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    Wo1f Application

    Hey all, I've been playing on the servers for a while now, and most of you probably know me. I usually play with the alias Wo1f, but in real life I’m called Tom (22) and live in England. I recently finished uni (G400 Computer Science) and I’m currently working on a mobile game, doing some freelance work while staying indoors trying not to catch the rona. I play a lot of different games, mostly FPS - I have a bit of a habit trying to get max rank in whatever competitive FPS is flavour of the month (Valorant, Apex, CSGO, R6, OW, B44) But my favourite FPS is CoD4 and has been for a long time. I’ve been playing CoD4 since release; I originally played it on PS3 but moved to PC in 2011 when PSN got hacked. I want to join the Administration Team for a few reasons: 1. I’ve been playing on D43 servers for a while now, in my opinion this is the best community still active in CoD4 and I’d like to do my part in dealing with hackers and toxicity to keep it that way. 2. Koalaty said he’d ban me if I didn’t apply tonight :rooscared: 3. Occasionally Cuenc flexes on me by talking in chat using Lucy I’ve been an admin in one CoD4 clan before, /NBK/ back in around 2014. I quit the clan when I started playing CSGO and took a long break from CoD4 and when I came back the clan was gone. That’s all, thanks for reading – if you want to play any other games with me just add me on steam id is /Wo1f/
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