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  1. Plus, if you come and play our server even if U.F.O made a mistake. you cannot come here and flame him. it won't help ya. it'll make the situation worse.
  2. Greg

    Used hacks.

    I'm playing the DOM server a lot " It would be sad catching you hacking again. Their will be no mercy if I find you cheating again.
  3. Bloc would ruin it imo, btw winter crash is only added during christmas. Countdown and We Work would be nice.
  4. Very cool, just played HC DOM, feels more balanced.
  5. great job noob
  6. Greg

    CoD4 Owned Screen Shots

    meh, that's because i wasn't on the server
  7. Greg


    Hope you'll follow the rules next time
  8. Welcome brotha, get on Discord.
  9. You have to make a better application if you want us to discuss it.
  10. Greg


    you'll see me on brotha. I love Promod.
  11. I think creek is kindof too big.
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