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  1. Tf ever . You guys probably did not even recheck the ss . Won't bother you pigs again
  2. I wasnt even on from the 17th till the 23rd because of my grandmother's birthday . So how would i have been using chams ? It was my cousin that used to live with us , because he is the only person besides my father qho has access to my pc . Keep in mind he is 12 years old . If i dont get unbanned , i am totally fine with that but i would really like to play on this server with all of you again . So if you can still consider it , much appreciated. And like i said , screenshots and demos can be taken at random . I swear i will be clean , you can join the rpg clan server or discord and ask them (anyone) . I have none whatsoever links to cheats or exploits but thank you for your time anyway . Kind regards Josh
  3. I have taken my skins off. if everyone else decides to unban me how long will I be waiting?
  4. sorry for the double post, it gave me an error so I re-sent it.
  5. Player ID:327303 Ingame Name: [RpG]|LilCobain , at the time i was banned it was RpG|OldGeyser Reason we should unban you: I honestly like this server alot because of the nice people it had while i played , im not going to argue sayiing that i did not use chams becuase i was using mario and luigee skins that might be mistaken for chams . i would really like to play again , screenshots can be taken and people can spectate me , i do not make use of any cheats or game exploits to get an unfair advantage . I would just really like to join this server again because it has great performance and the best ping of all the servers i can play on . please atleast consider unbanning me , i would deeply appreciate if i was unbanned . thank you for your time . Kind regards Josh
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