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Neos personal WH updater

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  1. Hi I would like to introduce my self, im NEO's new wallhack and scroll admin, ill now be keeping him uptodate on a weekly basis to ensure he has only the very best wallhacks and scroll available. Dont want him getting a negative KD do we NEO was struggling in keeping up with the server mods,everyday life and KD's to keep ontop of the wallhacks he uses so here I am to help. Please bear in mind though,never confront him about it on the server,its a very touchy subject seeing as he does the mods etc,it wouldnt look very good to the public would it now if it came out that he hacks!! he will be inclined to mute you on the server, dont want any of the community knowing do we hehe If you would like to hack on the server and use NEO's wallhack could you please confirm it with him first, he only uses the very best and would not like any jo blogs public looking better than him with it. Regards and thank you for your time, think ill fit in well here NEO's humble assistant
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