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FNC X a v i e r

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  1. My name Xavier. I love trolling cuenc and sometimes stay afk b when plant a. Also i pro player. Play for fnc team black ops3. Sometimes use wh aimbot scripts macros speedhuck and other proggrams.(it say cuenc and other players on the server) I never trust him. When i start play on cod4 server(about 20 mins) from 20 players on server stayed 4 .( Me , Lucy, spec and new player who don't play with 3 rounds. Cuz they leave server. In this time i feel alone and sometimes cry. Wait when server be full change name and play another 30 mins with full server. And feel happy in this time.
  2. Hello guys. Today Cuenc ban me 1440 minutes. Never watch when somebody ban proplayers on server. My nickname was brokenplayer. Reason for ban scripts macros scroll. But i don't use is never. Pls help me. He always nervous by me cuz i always kill and win him.
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