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  1. If there are changes, it should be updated in a minor version 18.0.1 etc so we know what version we have. Thanks!
  2. Dark

    Tntpower Application

    Hey man, love seeing you on the server. Good luck!
  3. Good luck bro. Love seeing you on the server. Can you tell me what 681st is?
  4. Dark


    welcome lucky! Of course saw you since then in the war, etc.
  5. I might be down to play, that seems to be noon my time. I guess we jump on discord and see?
  6. Dark


    Years? D43 hasn't been around even a year. lol Maybe you were on old clan sites?
  7. Greg wrote: KEWL! oh no. This will be crazy.
  8. Greg wrote: Very cool, just played HC DOM, feels more balanced. agreed. make it more about domination than team deathmatch.
  9. hahah nice. I think i was told I was hacking once too about a week ago. lolz
  10. Welcome Renegade! See you on the Domination server.
  11. Mimimimi wrote: whops, nobody wrote here .. voting has started 2 days ago lol no worries.
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