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  1. TNT

    hello D43

    welcome jiho...
  2. TNT

    Tntpower Application

    thank you, I'm glad to be one of you, thanks..I'll try to be as useful as possible to the server, I'll do my best
  3. hi, then I'm 37 years old I live in Italy, I play 8-9 years cod 4 known as TNTPOWER ,, I have not been before in other clans, and I like it here because I always play here I have more than 600 hours of gicho only on s & d ,, I find myself very well with administrators, I respect the rules from vuer iserite, "for when it concerns the very basic English language," I did not have the ocation to learn or follow, "but I do my best, ,, anyway on discord there are already registered always with my nickname tntpower ,,, my real name and AKIL ,,,,
  4. TNT


    ciao per qualsiasi informazione che posso servirti, basta chiedere,,,,,,,this morning I completed the acaunt, so and same that I use on discord ..
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