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Cens in Love <3

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  1. Ye, man, i played alot on WM. Since Xfire is down i have no more contract to those pros, i dont think he is still active. But qlimaxZu is. He played in the Nations Cup.
  2. Hey guys, so it's happening - I'm starting my application to become a member :) My ingame nick is usually "Cens in Love<3" or sometimes "nSane# Cens<3". Some people ask me what it means, so here is the story behind: My original name is Censored, but in wars, the name was to long to call out fast enough, so they all started to call me Cens instead. Most of you may already know me. Mimimimi and UFO asked me sometimes to do an application, so here I am now I am from Germany and nearly 30 years old. I started playing this game when it was released and went on with a couple of breaks till now. I used to play semi-professional in a couble of Clans (neXT|Multigaming / Aquatix / nSane) and had the honour to play with some of the best CoD4-Players like Luboshmir, Paradox, Nation, etc. - Unfortunaltely they outskilled me so i stayed semi-pro and now I just play for fun :D I used to be in the upper regions of the clan organisation and actively co-organized Clan-Wars, some online tournaments and observed the rules on some public servers. So i have some experience with IRC.Clanwars / Cod-Admin-Tool, but i have no idea if thats up to date, so i might have to learn something new. Due to the fact that i have much experience and a couple of hundred hours in this game i usually can spot a hacker quite fast. I most likely try to stay calm and avoid rude interactions on the server. Most likely the problem is, that i am considered a "hacker" quite often due to experience and old-but-gold skills, but i never treat somebody from above and always try to improve other players skills, if they ask for it. I usually play on the SnD server, but i am also active on the TDM when SnD is empty. Most likely i play in the evening or on the weekends, cause i have a regular job and a women, which take up the rest of the day. I think my English skills are quite good and i can communicate easily with it. So, i hope I'll got y'all conviced and hope to see you on the battlefield soon Greetz Cens
  3. Hello guys, I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks: my ingame nick is "nSane# Cens<3" or "Cens in Love<3", depending on where I play and i am from Germany. I am nearly 30 years old and play Cod4 since the release with a couple of breaks. I used to play semi professional on lans/esl/etc. with different clans and teams, but as you grow older, you put your focus elsewhere For the moment, i just play for fun on the SnD and TDM HC Servers. Since I am online from time to time, I just wanted to say hello and tell you too keep up the good work on the servers. You hardly find any good ones nowadays. It's always fun to play on one of them, running around like crazy. Some of you might already know me from the servers, where we played against or with each other. Greetz Cens
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