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  1. Ok but why I'm still a moderator reeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. Hi Join our discord
  3. Cousin option is taken. Try something else
  4. Hahaha get cleaned cheatboy. it was good while killing me with hacks? no from me
  5. Lololoo ,your gameplay is too fishy. Very very fishy i could say. Also you arent trolling me ( you cant) because you saw what happened 2 days ago when you ""trolled "" me. 24 hr ban. Im getting a lot of demos of you and im watching them carefully ( as ss show nothing)
  6. ,you would have some no If we werent afraid of demotion :v Welcome too!
  7. Cuenc

    Plz Unban me

    Yes i like this guy and think he made a mistake,he joined again from an internet cafe and told me he used it just to have more fps. Silly mistake and hope you dont do it again in future. Unban Also check this topic,it will help you i'm sure :
  8. Cuenc

    Plz Unban me

    Unban only if you promise not to use that shit again
  9. Cuenc


    Koaja u are so unpredictable :3 To me seems like wh ..
  10. Good Luck. You have my positive vote (If my vote counts)