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  1. gj man ! congratz
  2. welcome bro :] nice to see u here .. be active on our discord :]
  3. Happy new year everyone :]
  4. nice to see you here ! Welcome bro
  5. KaRYoS


    Good to hear that u already thought about it .. i agree that some of the members do not need to be with "powers" and when i sayed that you should give some "powers" to members i didnt ment that you should give me some "powers" haha. i think that there is batter members then me in our team and they should have that "powers" ! but if you think that its batter that members should stay with out "powers" so i respect that ! Thanks for your time guys :] my idea was to improve our server and not to force it to you !
  6. KaRYoS


    hii guys :] i had an idea and i wanted to shere it with u guys ... we have a good server and a good community but there is some players in our server(more then 10 a day)that interfere the others buy breaking the rules . my idea is : to give our members in D43 that have no power some power. me and some others members in our team playing in our server everyday and we are trying to tell this guys that breaking the rules not to do that and they just avoiding us cuz we dont have a power and authority. my idea is to give some members in our team a moderator and then the admins will have more free time to be able to do they own business and the players in our server will have more fun. i think it will improve our server alot and more players will come play in our server. hope u will read it seriously and take this idea seriously . tnx :] Code:
  7. Congratz bro ! nice to have u in our team :]
  8. HAHAHA guys tnx im Honored to join ur clan :] !
  9. KaRYoS

    The wall of shame

    OMG .. that noobs :]
  10. i just hope bog will get in
  11. Hii guys :] , My real name is Alon Golan and im from Israel :] . Im playing under the nick - KaRYoS. Im playing this game(COD4)for many years and i wanted to know if i can join your clan. You guys have a nice server and im an active player. Before i started to play at your server i played ES9 and some more that you will not know. I just finished my Service at the IDF(Israel Defence Force)i have been there for 3 long years. Im 21(almost 22) years old(7/1/95). Hope i can join ur server and we all have some fun together !
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