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  1. [quote quote=72192]I may have offended someone with this. But that means exactly what you think. I just played there. But I am not in the clan. I wanted to change the nickname, but I was afraid to lose my stats.(rank)[/quote]   Well good news for you, even if you change your nickname, your stats stay the same.   Anyway As Hagz said, we will talk about it with the others and let you know what we have to say on the whole ban matter.
  2. [quote quote=72190] Let me just say I’ve been playing on your server for a long time (don’t know if you can check or not) and I didn’t want to break the rules. I really didn’t know. But I realize that I’m guilty in any case, please forgive me. It won’t happen again.[/quote]   While you are here, I have to ask, what does the ES9 mean in your name, I ask because many people here used to be in a clan called ES9 a year or so back.
  3. "Its not a cheat" Its cheating regardless of whatever you say.
  4. LOL. I will let Mr Black explain this one to you.
  5. Stop causing drama over an 8 minute mute Vlad, need I remind I have come to help you when you have needed it, a little bit of respect back to the other admins would be nice.
  6. Its fullish (20+ players) every night. We allow camping but try to mitigate it with the campometer as much as possible (Its allowed and wont warn people for it, but if they get moved to spec for it then we feel thats enough. All of the regulars still play there, Miez, Steel, Jessica and many others play on a daily, I havent seen a decline in their activity the past few weeks. We are attempting things in the background which may not be apparent to you guys straight away. We have noticed a decline in players we wont deny that but thats just how COD4 is really.   Finally, thank you for enjoying our severs and we appreciate your feedback :D Also welcome to the forums haha Have a good weekend
  7. Erm... that isn't one of our servers.
  8. You didnt state which server this is, we have a lot of them xD
  9. Koaja

    Rei application post

    Also further noting, you will still get called a hacker if you are accepted :D It never ends
  10. Koaja

    Rei application post

    Hey there, you should spend some time getting to know us before you make your application.   Join our discord: https://discord.gg/XaRKbQA    
  11. If you are referring to gungame, then me and Mimi have trialled it in the past at ES9, it was okay. Depends what the others want.
  12. He wont be getting unbanned if he doesnt respond :P
  13. Basically, dont use cg_fovscale or r_fullbright on our servers in future please. I think most have suggested an unban at this point so if you tell us you wont use them, then we will unban you.
  14. Its a cheat full stop given its locked behind sv_cheats. Just because other servers allow it doesn't mean it isnt a cheat.   Anyway, your fov on the screenshot looks dodgy af to me, hinting something else is fishy here. Im at work so can't do much right now so i will let the others discuss here.   As Mimi said, its not a major issue as its only fullbright, more conerned withyour fov looking off but Im sure the others will say unban.
  15. Koaja

    Ban Appeal

    Closed again.
  16. Koaja

    Ban Appeal

    Well apologies for making it seem rude, thats the last thing I wanted to do.   I am right with what I was saying, you shouldn't be using external assistance to play this game :3   Screenshots of the crosshair would help me decide whether to unban you or not (Feel free to PM those to me if you can).    
  17. Locking this. Staybanned.
  18. Gonna close this, shouldnt be using external assistance to play this game. Sorry staybanned, feel free to re-appeal if you feel its necessary,
  19. Koaja


    https://d43.ovh/forums/topic/read-this-first/   Use the correct format please. Cant help you otherwise.
  20. [quote quote=71913]What is there to fill ? Does it say what hack did I use ? If it doesn’t how can you know that it is not just a mess up ? It has happened before, that people have been auto banned for no reason, so why can’t it be different with me ? I don’t have any ss or demo, to prove that I am innocent, but even if I had, the server banned me the second I joined. So do you have any strong proof that I hacked or just this ban ? Also, check my stats and whatever, they are not super good, nor super bad for me to want to use cheats. I really just rejoined the game 15 mins later and the server banned me.[/quote]   I kind of trust our system to autoban when a hack is detected, especially when I have done a vast majority of testing on it. Yes we know what hack you used, Mr Roy comes to mind.   You wouldn't get autobanned without good reason
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoXOdAUD7IM
  22. Im not a hater, I just hate you.
  23. Koaja


    Phantasy, dirty_german, Stevy (I believe) just to name a few.
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