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  1. Koaja


    Here is the proof - With that said. The ban is 3 years old. I will give you the benefit of the doubt here and say you have stopped cheating in COD4. Unbanned.
  2. Koaja


    Hello there, Can you provide your ban ID please so I can look into this for you
  3. Koaja

    Ban niX, again

    As discussed with you - Unbanned, and I am removing countdown from the playlist. Locking this.
  4. Koaja

    Ban niX, again

    Smoke grenades work. The smoke from the holes on countdown don't. I can understand him not knowing if he's always had a pirated game I am going to fix his files and unban him.
  5. Koaja

    Ban niX, again

    So niX has a pirated copy of the game, so its potentially modified at source (not his fault) - I am going to look into this later when niX finishes work
  6. Koaja

    Ban niX, again

    Koalaty#0001 - DM Me on discord
  7. Koaja

    Ban niX, again

    Okay, I will give you the benefit of the doubt here Send a screenshot of Countdown looking across the map or something.
  8. Koaja

    Ban niX, again

    Long distance there is no grass - thats not smoke
  9. Koaja

    Ban niX, again

    Just tested. r_lodscalegrid isnt the reason for this. Try again please
  10. Koaja

    Ban niX, again

    No need to be angry my friend - if its a console command, its all good and you will get unbanned I need to test it though first you understand

  12. Koaja


    On which server?
  13. Koaja

    Wo1f Application

    Ayyyy G400 degree crew rolling in Also a fellow Tom. Nice. Very good application. Massive +1 from me
  14. Hi all! I heard you guys liked maintenance, so we maintained our alcohol levels and did some things. 2 maintenances in a month, aren't me and Mimi good to you guys! Heres what happened: Mimi decided to upgrade the server to the latest, whilst we are still on the old OS, everything is updated. Fancy. The upgrade broke somethings (hurray) but it wasn't as bad as we anticipated. Things broken include: Map Voting (Not broken, but it crashes every now and again) Map Voting now restarts every 6 hours to mitigate this Tesseract was a little bit broken but seems to be fine now Upgraded mysql package, now we have more query options we aren't going to use We now have automatic restarts on Tesseract and the map voting script Tesseract will restart at 3am every day - now you can catch hackers 24/7 so get to it. Map Voting as previously mentioned was broken - NO LONGER (its still broken but we restart it every 6 hours so thats good enough Hagz has relingquished his controls over the server, meaning he is now the old git who used to own it - Many thanks for paying for it for so long, I hope I can continue to pay it as needed (dont worry, he can still access everything he wants to access. Its very much his server still) Bog on TDM is now a low player map and removed. That will stop you bitching about being spawn killed Fixed a bug in phpmyadmin, where an annoying popup appeared despite it meaning literally fuck all. I think thats everything. I will be experimenting with maps in TDM to give it some new life over the next few weeks so lets see what happens.
  15. Congrats Cens, welcome to D43 - Hit me up on Discord (0xb in the discord) and we will sort permissions etc out
  16. Qlimax was also around in Battalion - a good man, he still plays COD4 occasionally A big yes from me.
  17. Koaja


    You were caught attempting to cheat on our server therefore no - Your ban only lasts a week. Locking this
  18. This is your 3rd ban on our system now - 1st being the above. 2nd being an autoban by Lucy for a week. and Now this. I dont see a reason to unban as you clearly didnt learn. I will leave it to the mercy of our members to decide.
  19. Koaja

    hello D43

    Hey there Jiho - We have taken your application into voting and we decided it was too early to know if you would be a good fit for the clan. Don't be disheartened however, get to know us a bit better, and reapply in a couple of months or so and we will reconsider. Regards
  20. Koaja

    Fakis Application

    Welcome to the clan D43Member status approved!Take a look under the "Member Forum" and read it all to understand how our system works! Reach out if you need any help
  21. Koaja

    Ban - niX

    Hey Nix, Had a look into it, this ban was from a couple of years ago, I've removed it - Please feel free to play on the servers
  22. Koaja

    Ban - niX

    Hi Nix, looking into this currently, will get back to you once I figure out whats happened
  23. Koaja

    hello D43

    Nice to see some C4S staff playing on our servers spreading the love, welcome here Nihad, if you need anything just let us know
  24. Its been a while since we performed some maintenance on the servers. Here's what happened in our hiatus. Fixed backend upload size limit to allow new themes New theme fixed the 'Old version theme blah blah error; Hey look! A new theme! Bare with us while we fix minor bugs and cosmetic issues. Fixed some masterserver tokens missing on some servers. Neo fixed a bug in his map voting script on HC SND Koaja fixed his hair. That's all I can think of right now, but I will edit the thread with any thing else we fixed.
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