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  1. Minor maintenance over the past few months: Mimi has been battling the spam bots recently and seems to have done a good job of it overall. Post approval has been enabled meaning you see less of the spam and more of the real ban appeals General Upping and downing of servers. Servers have been updated to the latest COD4X version where appropriate, downgrades are required for the fun servers such as HNS, CJ and Deathrun. I think thats everything other than minor server cleanup here or there. Cheers Koaja
  2. Hey all! I think this was a long time coming (this post actually should have been made at the time but I have been busy D:) Anyway, without further ado! TNTPower has joined the clan in the past few months, me, Mimi and Hagz know TNT from the ES9 servers back in the day, and in his time he has proved to be a valuable part of the D43 Members, therefore he has been promoted to Moderator :D Cuenc has been around D43 for a while and has been extremely valuable in terms of catching people misbehaving and hacking on our game servers, this was a long overdue promotion :P Cuenc has been made an Admin so now he can ban and clean his screenshots without having to ask :P I think this is all Congrats guys
  3. Hello there, this is the second time you have been autobanned on our servers for attempting to cheat. I see no reason to lift the ban. Therefore, locked. //denied
  4. Koaja


    Duplicate thread. Apology accepted but locking.
  5. Koaja


    Based on the fact you have had 2 previous autobans on the server, im moving it to a permban. Further more locking the thread.
  6. Koaja

    Tntpower Application

    Congratulations, you got into D43! Welcome to the clan TNT
  7. Koaja

    Tntpower Application

    Hi TNT, Didn't realise this was still active so apologies for a ridiculously long wait on this. You hit level 5 a few weeks back on Discord so I will move this into voting now.
  8. Further update: Player got autobanned again. Making it a permaban.
  9. Well, given the fact you admitted it was an autoban and also hacking, do the time, come back in a week or so and play without cheats. Locking this.
  10. Ah. Is this an autoban or a manual ban? I can't check rn. If it's manual then there is little to no chance Autoban my original reply still stands
  11. Fairly sure it's either 1 week or two weeks. Regardless accept the ban and accept you did wrong. Staybanned for now.
  12. Koaja

    ka ka

    Hi Hamy, again sorry for the late response. Shits been hectic my end Welcome to D43. I will be around a bit later to give you a hand with the commands and stuff.
  13. So, recently been playing Apex Legends and by god, what a fucking game it is. I have never ever wanted to play BR games, but Apex Legends has changed my perspective on them altogether. Drop your origin names and lets play sometime Origin:0xbTheRobot (thats a zero btw, not an O). The game, for a free to play game, is ridiculously well polished, especially given its only been out 4 or so days at this point. No real major glitches from my end (minus Origin being a bag of shit anyway). Game runs nicely too with some minor stuttering but thats very rare really.
  14. Koaja

    It'sa me!

    As always good to have you here Gregor. Missed seeing you around