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  1. Hi Cens Nice application. from me. Btw is Paradox still active?
  2. Your own words September 19 2018: "okay i understand it but, you could ask the player to remove it before banning, as its not as a big (cheat) like wallhack/aimbot. especially when the player is new and dont know all the rules"...........
  3. Stroemeren

    hello D43

    Hi I have noticed you in the server and welcome
  4. Skins or what so ever are not allowed in our servers. I'm fine with an unban. Just dont do it again. Lets see what the other members say.
  5. Stroemeren


    We have an application formula you can start with:
  6. Stroemeren


    You have been banned before. Lets keep it that way.
  7. "For no reason" but you were hacking....? So thats the reason. You'll get unbanned in a week (correct me masters) Do the time and stop hacking.
  8. Stroemeren

    ka ka

    Congrats hamy ??
  9. Just funny you went spec at the exact moment I was taken screenshots.... 3-4 times! @Koaja Will you unban this dude?
  10. That is correct. You have been playing in SnD in the last couple of weeks under the the name "C63 AMG" with no problems. This day you were active playing, soon as I was triyng to screenshot you, you went spectator/menu. This went on 3-4 times. Why would you have this abnormal behavier, if you didnt had something to hide? Please explain. You can see it makes me suspecious and with a different name. I'm fine with an unban but this is not the place to be testing your new fancy hack, if thats the case.
  11. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all
  12. Old topic. But still, any news in that matter?
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