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Targaryen Rhae

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  1. The rotation could be the reason for smaller numbers. For example, everyone loves Crash/Crossfire...etc. Even FFA players :p I could make the map rotation and pm it to you as a suggestion. Think it's worth a shot. I'm pretty sure the numbers will incrase with the rotation size
  2. yeah, I checked it. Must've missed something out. Better luck next time :p ty btw ^^
  3. *In game name: Targaryen Rhae * Forename: Filip * Age: 23 * Location: Sisak, Croatia * Why do you want to join the Administration Team? It's been a while since I was an admin, a part of the community. And I do sincerely miss it. So I'd like to join D43 and contribute to its growth * What do you think you can contribute? Well, I can certainly help with PR, advertising the servers and popularizing the community itself * Have you been in other clans before? Yeah, I've been in ES9 and RS. Personally, I don't expect this application to be accepted, mostly because I've picked up CoD4 just few days ago and started playing again. I've applied only because the recruitment is opened at this moment, so I wanted to give it a shot anyways. I like the community and the people gathered around it and I feel that this community can grow and expand even further.
  4. haha well I think that a standard rotation might attract more players, yeah :p
  5. That could also be why people aren't populating the server. Don't get me wrong, I think that's a brilliant idea, to automatically put smaller maps while there are not many players. But I reckon that people don't know that it will change once there are more players on.
  6. Heya lads, I've noticed that the FFA server is not that populated, maybe a few players per day. What I also noticed is that FFA server runs only one map [killhouse] in its rotation. So I've been thinking: what about adding more maps to the map rotation? Surely it would attract more players, since the server is good, and the players wouldn't get bored of playing one map all the time. What do you think?
  7. Pozz buraz :D sjećam se i ja tebe. tenks :D
  8. @kidsnowy no, not yet. But I will soon enough. Haha I reckon I won't act like a dick. Good to know :p thanks for the info btw ^^ @ mimi so far so good. University/girlfriend/going out/playing games..usual stuf :p hope you're doing alright as well^^ and ty :)
  9. Yeah, so I've heard. Haha I'll probably find someone to get along with :p ty and cya around!
  10. Heya lads I've recently gained interest in CoD4 again, so I went on looking for some communities and good servers to play on. That's how I found your servers. My name is Filip, I'm 23 year old wanker from Croatia. Born and raised in Sisak, a town approximately 60 kilometers south of the capital, Zagreb, in which I spent most of my time for the last 3 years, studying history at one of the universities. In my free time I listen to rock and metal music, play guitar, write songs, play MtG (Magic the Gathering) etc etc. I've been playing Cod4 since 2011. I've been a member of few communities, such as ES9 and RS. My favorite servers are TDM and FFA, but I don't mind playing other types as well. Apart from CoD I've played countless games so far, such as LoL, Mount & Blade (was a leader of a clan there for around 2 years), BF, TW series and so on. If there's something you want to know about me, ask away. See ya on the servers.
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