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  1. Working fine now. Thanks, lads, you're the best! :D Also, on a sidenote: I'm experiencing some lag now on the server, yet there was none before. Is it something on my end or could it be on yours? TIA
  2. Sure thing :D Thank you, Mimi
  3. Hi, lads! I've noticed the kill-streak perks in HC Dom have changed to 5 kills=airstrike and 7 kills=helicopter, but this really makes the game unbearable. It was very well balanced with previous settings (i.e. 7 kills=airstrike and 12 kills=helicopter). I was wondering why you have changed that and is it possible you could be changing it back? Thank you in advance, Baraba
  4. Definitely do that, it sure was fun. :D I'll have to play a few more rounds with this new setup. I might come up with some ideas on how to even the odds a bit, if you'd like, but it mainly comes down to the competence of a team. Even before, you could turn around a 60-70 lead by holding all flags for a few minutes, but it took great teamwork and coordination.
  5. I only play domination, and the changes seem interesting, but still take some time to get used to. The score changes rapidly now, and sometimes if you don't pay enough attention you can easily lose a game, specially towards the end of the game. I guess, it does reward a more fast-paced approach to the game, opposed to the former format, where you try to cap two flags and hold the enemy back on their flag. This does change the dynamics of the game a bit, and calls for new tactics and strategies. I wouldn't mind seeing the old format back, but the new one isn't too radically different, so I don't mind that either. Cheers!
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