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  1. changed to D43-hamy ill send you
  2. the game is real addiction ID:hamy_pewpew
  3. hamy

    ka ka

    sounds great cant wait
  4. hamy

    ka ka

    hello Ingame name: hamyForename: MohamedAge: 18Location: LibyaWhy do you want to join the Administration Team? Great community, i want to be part of it +monitoring What do you think you can contribute? Although there's quite enough contributors, i'd like to give extra help where i have to be there in the servers, for insults, spam, AFK's , and scroll detection.Have you been in other clans before? no, a regular in some servers but no previous clanTo get accepted you should- be at least 18 years or older- be active on Discord - having decent english skills would be nice - be around for a while before applying! all check love and support, hamy<3
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