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  1. can't wait to see dust 2 xD  
  2. I think it's time for a proper introduction since I play on the SnD server for more than... 4 months now I think. My name is Alex and I live in Macedonia, 23 years old and I really enjoy killing nabs and getting killed like a nab in cod! I used to play Cod4 back when it came out with Popcorn (I guess you already know him from snd) and then I made a couple of pauses in 2012 and again in 2015 and now I'm back. Always played SnD servers but this one became like a homebase now since I never actually play on any other server and I like this little community. So yeah... see you guys in-game :)
  3. Maybe you can add a message that comes up on the end of every game that "Map of the week is [insert map name]" and that peeps can vote here for the map of the next week. That will make players more interested to join the forum and the website, maybe?
  4. Nice, glad you guys like the idea
  5. Hey guys, I had a discussion with Jesper about this so decided to share it here: I find the current map rotation boring and on the other hand admins say all the other maps suck. So my idea was to keep the current maps you have in rotation but add one more "map of the week" that will change every week. So for example this week we can have Pipeline added with the rest of the maps and next week we can have Bloc (for example). That way we'll have something new to play on every week. I don't know if this is even possible to script/develop. but just an idea.. What do you think?
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