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  1. Apparently, I need to make a topic too...
  2. Remy


    If it's true it's very stupid solution. It doesn't matter if someone is playing with hax. The main thing is how you play. I never used hax. And if I saw those who use or thought that they use, then I wanted to play better than them, even if they are with cheats.
  3. Remy


    Sorry, I can't put anything else.
  4. Hey) you're a good guy (grandfather :D ) I will be glad to see) good luck)
  5. [quote quote=72156]Thank you for the reply Remy. I was expecting nothing less than this from you[/quote] keep this up vlad
  6. I don't remember such a situation. Probably was in the spec. In any case, UFO is one of the most objective and best admins on the server. In most cases, he warns players several times before kicking or mute. If he did this, then there was a reason for that. By the way, In most cases, we do not mute players for English. And we warn with the help of Lucy. You're talking about violations and apologies. Really? English or American?
  7. It would be great. A bit of variety)
  8. Remy

    Bannel Appeal

    maybe /ui_drawcrosshair 1 ? :D
  9. Looks like better than battlefield 1 :D
  10. Remy

    HC SND 2 ?

    we have promod sd, but usually he is empty. And not so often the first server is full. So I do not know if you need a second one. If you reduce the size of the first to 16 (18), then it may make sense to raise the second one.
  11. Remy

    Hi admin

    you must swear on the Koran
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