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  1. Yes for me. I think i remember you from 8 years ago or something, you used to play on WM servers if im not mistaken
  2. neo123

    ka ka

    good luck
  3. thank you for keeping my hacks up to date
  4. dadbot advanced really quick
  5. Its all good, but you have to understand that you are dealing with different admins with different opinions and personalities and one admin may be more forgiving than the other. And i didnt mean in regards to just you, when an admin is trying to enforce a rule against whoever it may be, its better to not interfere, even if its merely a joke.   So have fun and i hope things will work out better in the future.
  6. “Should we speak British or American English?”, youre clearly trying to provoke here, so i dont see why youre suprised about receiving a mute. Maybe you didnt break any specific rule, but the fact that you are trying to game the system here shows that all you want to do is cause trouble. If an admin asks you to speak english you do it, you dont question it, simple as that.
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