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  1. sure your dog did not do it?
  2. Hagz


    tbh you leave a trail behind you that a blind man could follow, you love that cheat site as you downloaded plenty from it.
  3. Hagz


    you must have had hacks installed, you do not need to have them activated but you had them.
  4. shhh don't tell him that ffs lol i wanted to see him grovel
  5. i am guessing he does not want to be unbanned, the dirty hacking shit.
  6. to end my helpfulness i will even give you a link
  7. first thing is to make a proper appeal second thing is to kiss arse big style and thirdly expect me to say no.
  8. i am all good with you removing the scope overlay thank you for your decent appeal. +1 unban on removal.
  9. nice to see you round, i have seen you quite a bit on our servers
  10. yeah yeah only the 1000th time i heard that staybanned
  11. Hagz


    how about NO
  12. Hagz

    PopEye Ban

    you don't hack but you used a hack? sure....
  13. ban 4 ever damn you fullbrighters buy a decent PC. But on a serious note it is still a cheat if it requires modded clients so meh. However you did come and make a reasonable appeal so i say you should get a nother chance. Just make sure you read the rest of our rules