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Fakis last won the day on May 1 2020

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  • Birthday 05/20/1981

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  1. Fakis

    Ban niX, again

    Hello, u got banned for No smoke hack witch means u turned off the smoke! this is a cheat! and the proof is your screenshots so!!! is not serius from a regular players on our server to do that!!! waiting the Higher admins to response!!!! thats all from me!
  2. helloooooooo


  3. Fakis


    i agree with TNT. im possitive to remove chinatown from our map rotation!!!! +1
  4. Fakis

    Wo1f Application

    ofcourse for me is BIIIIIIIIIIIIG Yes!!!!
  5. Fakis

    Fakis Application

    anyone answer? xD
  6. Fakis

    Fakis Application

    -Ingame name : Fakis -Forename : Panos Vlachos -Age : 38 birthday (20/05/1981) -Location : Athens Greece -Why do you want to join the Administration team? : i play every day on the SnD server with UFO-TNT and more ppl.. and i want to join in da club :) -Have you been in other clans before? : Yes i was a one of 3 Leader's from BC clan For more informations maybe if head boys want me and say yes contact me here or message thanks.
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