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Everything posted by Mimimimi

  1. sorry for the mistake on our side. you are unbanned and free to play again :) ! happy new year and happy fragging
  2. because you're great at moderating :3
  3. Mimimimi


    checked your ban. sadly there is no doubt that you tried to cheat, which means you'll stay banned. bb maybe give it a try again with honesty :)
  4. i ll have a closer look today, but you will probably get unbanned. sorry for the issue with the forums, should be fixed now.
  5. post the playerid shown on your ban screen.
  6. wash your mouth with soap young man. locked and good bye.
  7. Hi Luka, thanks for your application. Before we consider applicants we want them to be active in our community. Please join our discord server, play and talk with us. Some additional information for applications:
  8. a weak moment on 19th February 2019? you used chams on our server without a doubt. sorry we don't unban cheaters. pretty pathetic while playing in a clan
  9. Mimimimi


    hello welcome to our forums and discord. glad to hear you enjoy the servers!
  10. your tag doesn't exist mine is: DDoS91
  11. Mimimimi

    It'sa me!

    welcome back you bloody wanker :3 i'm still listening to alestorm .. the rise and fall of the es9 reboot, such a great time <3 if i ever get to slo i'll let u know^^
  12. hey there thanks for the application! we will be doing a private voting in a few days to decide if you're in! good luck
  13. Mimimimi


    if you are serious about applying you should checkout the minimal requirements to be a member and write your application once can fulfill them.
  14. nice to hear that you enjoy the servers. i hope you find some worthy opponents
  15. no, because: - you didn't bother to find the right subforum and didn't provide the required playerid.
  16. i banned bryan no, thats somebody else @Bryan Thanks to our merciful members you are unbanned now. Make sure to follow the rules in future https://d43.ovh/rules/. See you on the servers!
  17. that's true, we did that in the past. but since the easy ways to activate fullbright were removed in a cod4x update and it is now actually required to modify the game executable or use external programs to activate fullbright, we decided to directly ban for it. anways, since you came here and apologized i think we should lift your ban.
  18. if he has reason to complain he can show up himself and explain the situation
  19. if you keep spamming he won't be the only one who's getting muted.
  20. Mimimimi


    funny idea^^ i guess twitch.tv is the closest to that. sadly pretty much nobody is streaming CoD4 :< ..
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