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  1. hi, we are reviewing the provided demo by our admin and will let you know!
  2. stop trying to cheat and our system won't ban you again. if you don't know why you're banned i suggest to reinstall the game from a legitimate source. the currently temporary ban stays active
  3. Mimimimi


    hi, sorry for the inconvenience. you got banned in 2019, but looks like that was a failban. you are unbanned now
  4. A new CoD4x update has been released recently. You will see an "Auto-Update" button in your client that lets you automatically download the latest version. The new client version is required to play on the latest server version, so please check if it works for you as we will slowly migrate all servers to the latest version. THE UPDATE DOESN'T WORK - IT CRASHES MY GAME If that's happening you get the LATEST client version from https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_client_18_0.zip. As new bugs are fixed the contents of this link are updated regularly, so even if you have downloaded it before, just download it again and give it a try. If you still have issues you can easily revent to the old client version. Go to the folder %localappdata%/CallofDuty4MW/bin and just deleted the cod4x_018 folder in there. By this the client loader automatically uses the files in the cod4x_017 folder which contains the old client version. If don't happen to have the older cod4x version anymore please download it from here https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_client_17_9.zip For now we have migrated HC TDM, HC FFA and HC DOM to the new server version. So far I have played a couple rounds on HC TDM and everything seems to be stable with around 10 players. Lucy and all our scripts are active as usual. We will keep monitoring the situation.
  5. Mimimimi


    you hacked on our servers. why should we even consider that?
  6. Mimimimi

    hello D43

    hello jiho, we will do a vote and let you know asap. please also join our discord if you haven't already.
  7. Mimimimi

    Fakis Application

    dang we completely forgot about it - good to see you are still into it. we will let you know asap.
  8. sorry for the mistake on our side. you are unbanned and free to play again :) ! happy new year and happy fragging
  9. because you're great at moderating :3
  10. Mimimimi


    checked your ban. sadly there is no doubt that you tried to cheat, which means you'll stay banned. bb maybe give it a try again with honesty :)
  11. i ll have a closer look today, but you will probably get unbanned. sorry for the issue with the forums, should be fixed now.
  12. post the playerid shown on your ban screen.
  13. wash your mouth with soap young man. locked and good bye.
  14. Hi Luka, thanks for your application. Before we consider applicants we want them to be active in our community. Please join our discord server, play and talk with us. Some additional information for applications:
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