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  2. i ll have a closer look today, but you will probably get unbanned. sorry for the issue with the forums, should be fixed now.
  3. Hello I am posting on my secondary account, since when I log in the forums show me this message [[Template forums/front/topics/topic is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] The playerid is 301165
  4. post the playerid shown on your ban screen.
  5. Hello. I have been banned on your Call of Duty 4 server for autoban. I have not been using any cheats or hacks. I do not know why I was banned as I have not played Call of Duty 4 for about 2 weeks since making this appeal. Thank you for reading and responding. Steam name: Chromix Steam ID: ( I do not know if this information is required but I will put it here just in case )
  6. Minor maintenance over the past few months: Mimi has been battling the spam bots recently and seems to have done a good job of it overall. Post approval has been enabled meaning you see less of the spam and more of the real ban appeals General Upping and downing of servers. Servers have been updated to the latest COD4X version where appropriate, downgrades are required for the fun servers such as HNS, CJ and Deathrun. I think thats everything other than minor server cleanup here or there. Cheers Koaja
  7. Hey all! I think this was a long time coming (this post actually should have been made at the time but I have been busy D:) Anyway, without further ado! TNTPower has joined the clan in the past few months, me, Mimi and Hagz know TNT from the ES9 servers back in the day, and in his time he has proved to be a valuable part of the D43 Members, therefore he has been promoted to Moderator :D Cuenc has been around D43 for a while and has been extremely valuable in terms of catching people misbehaving and hacking on our game servers, this was a long overdue promotion :P Cuenc has been made an Admin so now he can ban and clean his screenshots without having to ask :P I think this is all Congrats guys
  8. hey guys ty for reply ill do anything which is needed)))
  9. wash your mouth with soap young man. locked and good bye.
  10. Hi Luka, thanks for your application. Before we consider applicants we want them to be active in our community. Please join our discord server, play and talk with us. Some additional information for applications:
  11. Hi Join our discord
  12. * Ingame name: Pro <Noob>* Forename:Luka* Age:19 (19:06:1999)* Location:Georgia* Why do you want to join the Administration Team?i play cod4 since 2012. prabobly i have played all of cod4 mods (promod, sniping, CJ,, Deathrun,) plus dat i have great admin experience.* What do you think you can contribute?:to be honest i dont know at this time but time will show us. anyways ik ill be good)))* Have you been in other clans before?prabobly no.
  13. I was very wrong about you , I thought you were honest and really wanted a second chance. Ban forever
  14. Tf ever . You guys probably did not even recheck the ss . Won't bother you pigs again
  15. sure your dog did not do it?
  16. Cousin option is taken. Try something else
  17. I wasnt even on from the 17th till the 23rd because of my grandmother's birthday . So how would i have been using chams ? It was my cousin that used to live with us , because he is the only person besides my father qho has access to my pc . Keep in mind he is 12 years old . If i dont get unbanned , i am totally fine with that but i would really like to play on this server with all of you again . So if you can still consider it , much appreciated. And like i said , screenshots and demos can be taken at random . I swear i will be clean , you can join the rpg clan server or discord and ask them (anyone) . I have none whatsoever links to cheats or exploits but thank you for your time anyway . Kind regards Josh
  18. a weak moment on 19th February 2019? you used chams on our server without a doubt. sorry we don't unban cheaters. pretty pathetic while playing in a clan
  19. I have taken my skins off. if everyone else decides to unban me how long will I be waiting?
  20. Skins or what so ever are not allowed in our servers. I'm fine with an unban. Just dont do it again. Lets see what the other members say.
  21. sorry for the double post, it gave me an error so I re-sent it.
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